Monday, April 16, 2012

Religious right spokesman whines about being labeled as a 'wacko'

Peter LaBarbera
The religious right can't handle scientific proof which destroys their anti-gay narratives.

Last week, it was the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber who attacked an Australian study which proved what many of us knew - that homophobia leads to poor health in gays.

The results of that particular study reached a conclusion similar to another study conducted but the American Psychological Association.

Barber attacked the study and the APA, calling the organization a political organization. However he neither offered up any other studies refuting the Australian study nor did he provide any proof that the APA has turned "political."

This week, another religious right spokesman attacked another study for proving what many of us probably suspects when it comes to those who are homophobic:

A recent article in Science Daily, a news website for topical science articles, suggests opposition to homosexual conduct is strongest from individuals with an "unacknowledged attraction" to the same gender.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) has spent years exposing the true agenda of homosexual activism. He says the idea presented in "Is Some Homophobia Self-Phobia?" is just another myth from the left to take aim at people who oppose homosexuality.

"The larger issue here is homosexuality once was studied as a pathology. Now, liberal academics are studying so-called 'homophobes,'" he notes. "The media and academia are completely trying to normalize homosexual practice, and in the process they have to stigmatize anybody who resists."

Though there are not enough of them, says the activist, the researchers want to convey those individuals as "wackos."

"We've got all these pathologies within the homosexual world -- men who beat their partners, you've got high rates of STDs through the roof for men who have sex with men -- and yet none of that merits a study that would come out and say that homosexual practice is wrong," LaBarbera laments. "Instead, they have to study so-called homophobes."

Like Barber, LaBarbera has no expertise in research or science. And like Barber, LaBarbera offers no refutation to this study simply because he has none.

However if you ask me, perhaps LaBarbera should have kept his mouth shut.

In gay blogging circles, LaBarbera goes by the nom de plume of "Porno Pete" because of his penchant of attending leather events and "street fairs" with his camera, looking for "filthy images" to publicize on his webpage as an example of the so-called real face of lgbt America.

At least he used to until he couldn't take the attention given to him because of it.

That's not to say that LaBarbera has totally abandoned the habit of attempting to shock folks. Recently he published a close up photo of a sexually transmitted disease (anal warts) in a pathetic attempt to demonize the gay community.

That was his attempt. The outcome, however was that he did in fact look like a "wacko."

I'm certainly not making any assumptions about LaBarbera's orientation, but based upon his history of attacking the gay community,  some would probably claim that "the lady doth protest too much, methinks."

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PJB863 said...

Oh, Petey hasn't given up on the shock images. The latest is the "confused young woman" who had her breasts surgically removed at the pride parade.

Woodstock said...

Alvin, what do you say to people who respond to the homophobe/closet homosexual link by saying "So I guess if I'm against pedophilia, I must be a secret child molester." or "Homosexuals who hate staright people must be closet heteros." or something of that sort? They totally dismiss this argument by flipping it that way. I'm interested in your opinion of this tactic.

BlackTsunami said...

Hey Woodstock,

you could say that

a. no one was arrested for being gay.

b. show me the research.