Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Anti-gay group sues to give false information to children' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

PFOX Complains to School Board - Imagine that. Suing a school district so that you can peddle inaccurate and negative information about the gay community to children.

 Video: Pastor treats local sewer to tasty Starbucks - Rule One about boycotting a company - you don't buy the company's product to demonstrate that you are boycotting against it. 

 Talk Honestly to Black Opponents of Gay Marriage - Excellent piece by Keith Boykin. And remember that not every black opponent of marriage equality is a Harry Jackson or Patrick Wooden.

 Obama Confronts GOP’s Anti-Gay Agenda, Threatens Veto Of ‘License To Bully’ Bill - Good for him. The bill needs to include same-sex couples.

 Congressman Maintains It Should Be Legal To Fire Someone For Being Gay, Attacks ThinkProgress - Think Progress got him dead to rights and yet he still says he was unfairly attacked. And now he says he is being threatened. Blah, blah, blah. Bear in mind that I am not trying to trivialize any threats but come on now. That's always the defense of homophobes. - i.e. that they are being attacked for beings "Christians" and then "someone" is threatening them. 

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Jarred said...

I'm curious. The Congressman denies that he things LGBT people should not be fired for being gay. So has anyone asked him to clarify what forms of workplace discrimination against LGBT people should be allowed?

Refusal to promote them? Allowing coworkers to harass them and create a hostile work environment? Lower pay for the same job? Something else?

Come on, Congressman! I want to know exactly what discriminatory acts LGBT people should have to endure in your opinion.

Ian Charles said...

These threats are probably sensible comment that take him to task.