Thursday, May 03, 2012

'Does Romney fear the religious right' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Presumptive Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney and his campaign are embroiled in a scandal regarding the resignation of an openly gay man, Richard Grenell, as Romney's national security and foreign policy spokesman. Grenell only had the job for two weeks. There is a huge belief that Grenell was let go to appease members of the religious right. Here are three voices on the matter:

Did Grenell Jump or Was He Pushed?
- And Box Turtle Bulletin gives a good chronology of the controversy.

Hailing Gay Spokesman's Resignation, Religious Right Keeps up the Pressure on Romney - I guess admonitions against gloating means nothing to these so-called Christian people.

NOM now up to $425k in North Carolina
- Look at this. NOM is bankrolling Amendment One in North Carolina in a HEAVY manner.

African American Voters Came Out Against Discriminatory Amendment After Overhearing ‘Caucasian’ Argument - And we see why now.

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Christine Spencer said...

Why should Romney fear them? I them Obama is the anti-christ so Romney is merely undesirable.

They haven't been on his side this whole time.

Daniel said...

On the Amendment One issue, and the racist implications, this is no surprise. I've read about a movement among certain white-oriented christian groups to include reproductive fertility in their ideals. They believe that the "white race", whatever that is, is being overtaken by "brown people". It's bizarre to think that refusing marriage of gay people together would promote white reproduction, but that would not be the first time weird ideas came out of these Neanderthal, simplistic, bigoted people.