Tuesday, May 01, 2012

'Don't Say Gay' bill bites the dust hard and other Tuesday midday news briefs

From Think Progress, an item which needs to repeated as is:

Jeremy Hooper has been documenting the many vile, incendiary things that proponents of North Carolina’s Amendment One have been saying about the LGBT community.

Surprise, surprise: Vast majority of #Amendment1 cash comes from NOM, Catholic church, Christian groups - A feeling of entitlement and an assload of money to back it up. It's a deadly combination.

A Call to Stop the Killings in D.C.
- Our transgender brothers and sisters in D.C. need our prayers and support.

Tennessee Abandons ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill - A dumb bill bites the dust.

Fischer: 'It's Perfectly Appropriate to Discriminate Against' Homosexuality
- Because apparently Bryan Fischer not only sits on the right hand of God but had a hand in writing our Constitution. And people wonder why are lgbtqs so angry?

Al Mohler’s truly stupid bigoted statement - Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary makes an eyebrow raising implying statement regarding gays in the Boy Scouts and pedophilia.

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