Wednesday, May 02, 2012

'North Carolina anti-gay amendment created to protect white race?' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Pastor: Telling parents to punch kids was joke - Is he serious? I hate to see when he is really trying to be funny.

Wife of NC State Senator says Amendment One is necessary ‘to protect the Caucasian race’ - Gasp and swoon! Has anyone told Patrick Wooden yet?

How a Bullied Gay Marion Teen Used Secret Identity to Fight Back
- This young man should be commended.

David Barton says AIDS is God's Punishment for being Gay. Julia Sugarbaker Disagrees - I mean to post this excellent piece a while back. It says it all about phony Christians casting stones.

Matt Barber: 'The LGBT Agenda and Constitutional Rights Cannot Exist in Harmony' - I can't decide whether Matt Barber gives me bad gas or he looks like he is in a constant state of having bad gas. The latter statement would explain all of his outrageously mean-spirited statements about gays.

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Xaratherus said...

Re: Matt Barber's video:

Did Barber, at any point during his rambling and pointless diatribe, come anywhere near anything that could be mistaken in a dark room as a coherent idea?

Or in more colloquial terms: Dafuq did I just read?

Barber said: "This is a tyranny of sexually deviant rights and it’s by design to replace the enumerated Constitutional rights given by our Creator based upon the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, these so-called rights violate the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and yes violate the expressed guarantees that we have to religious liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of association granted to us by the United States Constitution. The LGBT agenda and Constitutional rights cannot exist in harmony. At Liberty Counsel, we defend the Constitution."

Matt, you might want to get to a doctor; I think you just had a stroke, because you're not making any sense whatsoever.

a friend said...

OMG!! Someone told them there are minority gays!!! Whatever they do they better not tell NOM. Sorry this is just about the most asinine thing I've ever heard, but it also totally invalidates every argument they make about this not being about a social minority.

If we are not a social minority then disallowing us to marry would do nothing for any race at all.

Daniel said...

On protecting the white race, here's the explanation. Deep down inside, most white men are really attracted to men. Without a law to forbid same sex marriage, all of the white men will marry other men. Then we will need polygamy, because there will be so few men for white women to marry, and most will have to marry black men. The result: Extinction of white people in one generation. Wake Up America!