Wednesday, May 09, 2012

President Obama and the useful idiots of NOM

Today, Barack Obama became the first president to speak in support of marriage equality while in office. Everyone is reeling over this and with good reason because it is a major and much needed endorsement. And the effects of it is going to be felt of a long time.

For me, however, it proves a notion I have had in regards to the National Organization for Marriage.

Have you ever noticed that every time NOM receives a major victory over marriage equality, it comes back to bite the organization in the ass?

In 2008, it led the charge to pass Proposition 8 and in part galvanized the gay community. That loss led to a lot of new gay activists and just as many recharged ones.

In 2009, NOM again led the charge, this time overturning marriage equality laws in Maine. But in the wake of that victory, organization lost court case after court case in its attempt to fight that state's disclosure laws, finally leading up to a very public smackdown by the Supreme Court, causing many people to ask the question just what is NOM hiding. Maine's victory also gave America embarrassing peak into NOM's inner workings when court documents revealed that the organization was deliberately attempting to pit the gay and black community against one another.

And now this. Fresh off of an ugly victory in North Carolina, the organization finds itself slapped down by none other than the leader of the free world. What worse insult is there than having the President of the United States stand against your efforts?

It would seem to me that when it's all said and done, history will point out that while NOM's goal was the stop marriage equality, all the organization did was hasten it.

Certainly this is not to praise NOM.

NOM is like a predatory virus going from community to community, exploiting people's beliefs, fears, and prejudice until every thing reaches a fever pitch. When it's all over, NOM feeds off of the results and leaves the community in turmoil while it searches for its next victim.

But like I said earlier, today proved something to me.

The gay community is not only on the right side of this but maybe some of those folks like NOM who claim to be speaking for God got their circuits mixed up. 

Maybe God's trying to tell them something.

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Mykelb said...

NOM is fueled by religious bigotry. Never forget the RCC and Mormons are behind this organizatino 100% and with the endorsement of the Neo-Nazis with Amendment 1, the picture is very clear. They are religious fascists and deserve nothing but derision.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! As a Christian, I was struggling to understand how God could abandon God's LGBT children in NC. I had hoped and prayed that a failure of the amendment in NC would burst NOM's hubris. So I could only hope that some far greater good might come out of this. While it is small succor now, the chance that something worse will happen to NOM and its ilk through the results in NC is uplifting.