Friday, May 11, 2012

'Tony Perkins' lies get destroyed again' and other Friday midday news briefs

And the buttwhipping of Tony Perkins continues. It does my heart good to see a phony finally get scrutiny

GLAAD’s Graddick: CNN Has Its Own ‘Evolving’ to Do on Marriage Coverage - BUT Perkins and the rest of the religious right need some more scrutiny for me to be satisfied.

 Rep. Allen West Claims LGBT Workplace Discrimination ‘Don’t Happen’ And Doesn’t ‘See That As Being A Big Issue’ - Apparently he isn't looking hard enough.

 Pastor: We suffer more under marriage equality 'than we would have under segregation' - Introducing the single most ignorant comment in regards to marriage equality by a black pastor this year. Yeah I said. Forget the lgbtq community, my heterosexual black brothers and sisters need to get mad at the predominantly white wannabe Christian publications which provide a forum for black pastors to make fools of themselves.

 On Marriage, African Americans Aren't a Monolithic Voting Bloc - Here is a MORE INTELLIGENT view of the situation. 

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