Friday, May 18, 2012

The true story of same-sex families and how they are raising children

Richie and John are a UK couple who have been together for 15 years. The video showcases them and their very adorable children, Justin and Jasmine.

The point is simple. We've heard people like Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins, and even Mitt Romney talk about how a "mother and father" dynamic is the best situation for children to be raised.

We know this isn't necessarily true. Sometimes the mother and father dynamic is a good place to raise a child. And sometimes it's not.

But that's not the point. Everyone seems to miss the point.

Families come into all shapes and sizes. It can encompass one parent or two, or father and mother figures who aren't necessarily biologically related to the child.

Why should there be a competition when it comes to families? We have no business creating a caste system in which we favor one family dynamic over another. All families which provide the basic needs for children, as well as love and support, should be celebrated and looked upon as equal.

Or better yet, look at this video and tell me just what is wrong with this family?

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Paul said...

Hello, excellent blog. I have given you a link on my page on Religious opposition to gay equality. Very best wishes, Paul of Gay Activist.