Friday, May 11, 2012

Why some people cannot talk about gay issues

Queer Theologian & Comic Peterson Thomas Toscano reveals the hilarious reason that distracts some folks from effective conversation about LGBT issues & lives:

Now was this any surprise?

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Anonymous said...

Do u use Adobe Flash? If sowing cannt watch them on my Kindle Fire.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Not to worry...those who think about butts are just as worried about mouths...and to think that real words are shaped and come out of them is just TOO MUCHO to to stay with the ick factor, have a case or beer or twelve and beat up the old lady (some ladies are starting to like it apparently because of the *alternative* is pretty scary)...not to worry, it never has occured to even ONE HETEROSEXUAL that there is anything abnormal about speculating the in´s-out´s of Gay SEX (oddly Gay people rarely/never think about what ¨straight¨ movers and shakers are up to in bed)! Loose lips are the devils workshop! Oy!