Friday, June 08, 2012

'Baltimore denounces NOM's racist tactics' and other Friday midday news briefs

Editor's note - Just met two of the meanest right-wing columnist - Dana Loesch and Jim Hoft. No doubt, they are here to push the false line that "progresives are discouraged." Expect that to be the subject of their columns. Of course knowing Hoft's tendency to exaggerate, take what will be said with less than a grain of salt. Surprisingly I engaged them in a very polite conversation about how they lie, particularly Hoft. Yes, I specifically called Hoft out. They were very nice people to talk to. I guess I killed them with kindness. More on a later post, particularly how they tried to get me to pose in front of a Democratic Socialist table. I emphasize TRIED.

Baltimore mayor denounces NOM - More African-American public officials, particularly in states facing those awful marriage amendments, need to be as vocal.

After NAACP Marriage Stance, Discord And Discussion - Some African-Americans are not happy with the NAACP supportive stance on marriage equality. One member has quit. I personally think this is a good thing. Not that the member has quit, but that the NAACP has thrust itself into relevancy by pushing a much needed discussion in the black community.

Militant FRC puts gay soldiers at war with 'heroes'; callous disregard at war with rational conversation - The Family Research Council just can't get over the fact that DADT is DEAD.

CNN Contributor Defends Radio Host Who Said Obama Turns Kids Gay - When talking to Loesch less than 10 minutes ago, she claims that she was merely pointing out the fact that our community was giving this silly child undue attention. Maybe. But it's convenient that she never said a word to me about us "bullying" him. Personally I feel this way. Certainly we don't want to bully the child but he said something wild which needs attention drawn to it. And how interesting is it that she goes out of her way to defend this child, which leads me to say has she been as vocal defending gay youth. Just asking.

Macon Telegraph reverses decision to not publish lesbian wedding announcement - Not bad.

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