Thursday, June 14, 2012

'Discredited anti-gay researcher destroyed again' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Discredited anti-gay researcher Paul Cameron is obviously a glutton for humiliation. Every time he goes on David Pakman's show, Pakman destroys him. And of course this time, Pakman does it again.

Full story - Anti-gay junk science proponent shredded on the air (again) by David Pakman 

In other news:

 How CeCe McDonald’s Plight Exemplifies The Criminal Justice System’s Institutionalized Racism And Transphobia - THIS SITUATION needs more attention.

  Religious Coalition Endorses ENDA ‘As A Matter Of Justice’ - More proof that religion is not the opposite of the lgbtq orientation. It's just a matter of some folks boggarting all of the attention.  

Runnin’ For President Ain’t Nuttin But A Booty Call - Hilarious story of a Utah who thinks that openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger is after her husband.

 NOM's Corporate Fairness Project uses Tom Strobhar for third time, pretends like he's someone else - Jeremy Hooper catches NOM in ANOTHER lie. 

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