Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fraudulent study proves the danger of Fox News to the gay community

I have said it before and I will say it again:

The lgbtq community needs to keep an eye out on Fox News.

If you think the network has run roughshod over President Obama the four years he has been in office, you haven't seen anything yet.

Just imagine what it can do to us.

A perfect example is the following video featuring the recently published and discredited anti-gay parenting study bought and paid for by the National Organization for Marriage.

Fox News resident doctor Keith Ablow (who has a long history of homophobia and false information regarding the lgbtq community) is fawning over it, making sure not to mention any of the myriad of problems found with it. And while this is a small clip, I bet you my next paycheck that he didn't mention how NOM's founder and chairman emeritus Robert George served on the boards of the think tanks which paid over $700,000 in "grants" for the study to be conducted. And of course I bet he didn't mention that George served on the board of one of the first newspapers to push the study as factual. And also notice that there was no one interviewed who challenged Ablow:

Fox News is pushing a false study about the gay community unchallenged to millions of Americans.

That is dangerous.

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1 comment:

Jason Valentine said...

Read the original article on Fox blog. Children of same sex parents forced to have sexual contact? That happens in hetero families too. Enough with the silly little rainbows and nice parades, we need to get outraged.