Thursday, June 28, 2012

Minnesota group lying about anti-gay protest attendance

Apparently spinning stories about hacking isn't the only talent Minnesota for Marriage's Andy Parrish possesses.

He can also be counted on to spin stories about a pitiful protest, as this tweet demonstrates:

According to Jeremy Hooper (thanks Jeremy for the picture by the way), Parrish's claim (at the bottom of the tweet - enlarge it to read)  that General Mill's VP and Head of Security is intimidating those protesting the company's support of marriage equality simply isn't true:

In truth, General Mills has greeted these laughably failing protests with both open arms and refreshments. But then again, I guess desperately disastrous PR stunts call for desperate, face-saving spin.  

Parrish's false claim comes days after Minnesota for Marriage blatantly lied about the number of protestors at its last protest:

Screen Shot 2012-06-27 At 9.00.08 Am
Does the following look like hundreds to you?

Screen Shot 2012-06-28 At 8.12.15 Am

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper for this graphics as well.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's that inflationary or fuzzy math that NOM and their ilk like to use.

If you have say only 20 or 30 people, round up to hundreds. If you have a hundred people, round up to a thousand, and so on.