Monday, June 04, 2012

A month of anti-gay hell

From Think Progress has come up with something which NEEDS to be shared far and wide:

As perhaps a backlash of North Carolina’s passage of Amendment One and President Obama’s support for marriage equality, May proved to be rife with anti-gay rhetoric in churches across the country. Here is the month’s worth of anti-gay rhetoric compiled into one video:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I say keep all this anti-gay hate coming. More More More More. There's actually a good side to this. Aside from this being so harmful to gay and lesbian youth, these words going viral will help gain awareness of the struggles we face and I think the general population will gain more respect of our battle. Take the African American community. Aside from the crazy NOM talking heads, I think more and more of our black brothers are beginning to realize that this is indeed another civil rights battle. The more oppostion from these borderline schizophrenic conservatives (brainwashing children into homosexuality, really?), the more support we gain from the masses.