Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Netroots Nation - First Day : I get to talk about debunking the religious right!

As many of my readers know, I am presently in Providence, RI attending Netroots Nation. Presently, I am at a portion of the conference where lgbtq activists and bloggers are coming together to brainstorm and talk about our experience and goals.

Imagine my surprise when I was asked to give a 10 minute presentation on "opposition research" and another panel discussion on blogging in conservative red states.

I am extremely psyched by both, but specifically the first. I have long wanted to talk about the importance and the need to study the tactics of the religious right.

 When I was first asked, I envisioned an image of myself wearing a uniform that George C. Scott wore in Patton while standing in front of a giant rainbow flag. My first line would be:

"Folks, opposition research is hell. God help me, I love it so."

Seriously though, my goal is to press upon folks the importance of knowing those who want to stop our equality. It's not enough to simply call them "bigots." It is imperative that we break down their tactics and expose their lies at every turn.

I really want to impress upon folks two things:

1. It is very important to "know the enemy" and put them on the defensive before something happens. We tend to wait until Maggie Gallagher or Tony Perkins says something before reacting. We need to get them to react now and then.

2. The positive effects of putting positive information out there for our youth to read. On that score, I am going to have to share a painful story from my college days in terms of why information needs to be out there regarding the religious right to not only educate,  but also to inspire our young folks and also to let them know that they are not alone . . . . and to get them motivated.

Wish me luck. I intend to make the most of my time here ;p

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Jarred said...

Sounds like a great presentation! Wish I was there to see it. Good luck!

Daniel said...

Thank you for "Fighting the good fight". You are doing a great job!