Friday, June 22, 2012

'NOM upset about comic book gay marriages' and other Friday midday news briefs

NOM Is Worried About The ‘Sanctity’ Of Gay Comic Book Weddings - And soon, Maggie Gallagher will be announcing a parternship with Dr. Doom and the Red Skull on the situation. Watch out Doom and Skull. NOM will turn on you. 

Marriage Equality: LGBT Religious Leaders Speak Out On The Spiritual Value Of Gay Marriage - Yet another nail in the coffin of the mindset that the lgbt and religious communities are separate entities forever at war with each other.

 Liberty Counsel/Liberty University's Matt Barber: Bestiality advocates just like gay activists - The Repulsive One, Matt Barber compares marriage equality to bestiality. (Editor's note - Okay I know The Repulsive One doesn't have the same zing as "Porno Pete," but I like the ring to it. I may use it from now on to describe Matt Barber.)

 Frenchie Davis Comes Out: 'The Voice' Singer Reveals She's Been Dating A Woman - Another celebrity comes out. My "gay ray" keeps missing Philip Seymour Hoffman. :(  

Experts Condemn Flawed Regnerus Study On Same-Sex Parenting - And I can't think of a study more deserving.  

New Lesbian Parenting Study Debunks ‘Fatherless’ Male Role Model Concerns - Now there is a much better study on the matter. 

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Zohan said...

Let them be as mad as they want. Its not happening!

Keir said...

How about "Beastiality Barber?" The alliteration is there just like in "Porno Pete."

Actually, I think that nickname would be a bit too malicious. My initial reaction to Barber's comments is anger. But it soon subsides. I cannot take anything this man says seriously anymore.

I read "An Open Letter to Homosexuals" yesterday. Just amful. One cannot write about loving gays and then, days later, tweet about gay activists and beastiality.

Supposedly, there is a link under the Barber's tweet that takes you to a Zoophilia website. What. The. Hell?