Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Religious right calls out Dick Cheney, Laura Bush for supporting marriage equality

According to a fundraising letter sent out by the Family Research Council, several interesting names are listed as supposedly having gone on to the "dark side" of supporting marriage equality:
This week, most eyes are looking toward the Supreme Court and their decision on Obama Care, a decision that is expected most likely on Thursday.
I say most eyes, because what some national Republicans are doing on the issue of traditional marriage is worrisome, and someone has to keep an eye on them.
That's where the staff at FRC Action comes in.
The Republican National Convention is August 27 -30. The real fight however, is the week before when the Republican platform is decided.
FRC Action will be there to make sure the document that guides the Party of Lincoln for the next four years will be pro-life and pro-marriage.
Can I count on you to support our efforts?
It's important to note that Family Research Council Action is neither Democrat nor Republican. And while we certainly have plans to attend the Democrat convention in Charlotte North Carolina, the Republican Convention is the only one we have been invited to actively participate in.
We take that invitation very seriously.
Despite a majority of Americans who are pro-life and 30 states that have marriage protection in their state constitutions, we won't take it for granted that Republican Leadership will always respect that it's the social issues that have been at the heart of the party.
In conventions past, there has been controversy surrounding the pro-life plank in the party platform. This year, it appears that controversy has shifted to traditional marriage.
Strong voices within the Republican Party would like nothing more than to change the official stance in regards to marriage between one man and one woman:
Dick Cheney, former U.S. Vice President
Laura Bush, former U.S. First Lady
Ken Mehlman, former Chairman of the Republican National Convention
Former Governors Christine Todd Whitman (NJ), Gary Johnson (NM), Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA), Tom Kean (NJ), Dan Evans (WA), and William Weld (MA). 

I wonder how former President Bush would feel about his wife being used so precipitously in a fundraising letter.

Forget him. How about Cheney. How convenient is it that FRC comes out with this fundraising appeal days after his daughter, Mary Cheney, married her partner.

Both Laura Bush and Dick Cheney have come out in favor of marriage equality in their own way, which makes FRC's usage of them in a fundraising letter probably appropriate, if not uncomfortably odd seeing that opposition to marriage equality was the wedge issue which got Bush re-elected.

I would practically give my eyeteeth (whatever those are) to hear the reactions should he and Vice President Cheney find out about this fundraising appeal.

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rj-to said...

Well, I guess now these ex-homophobes will get a taste of what it's actually like to be on the receiving end of all that religious right vitriol—likely only making them stronger allies.

Fundies are their own worse enemies.