Thursday, June 21, 2012

Religious right suffering from 'gay on the brain' when it come to the military

Is it just me or do some members of the religious right think everything is a part of a gay conspiracy?

Witness this bizarre grouping together of two different issues having absolutely nothing to do with each other:

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty says it's a sad state of affairs when the U.S. military decides Bibles are out but "gay pride" is in.

The publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention reported last week that its Bibles will no longer display the official insignia of U.S. military branches. The Pentagon had originally granted permission in 2003, but withdrew that last year because of a complaint and legal threat from anti-Christian crusader Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

. . . One day after the publisher's announcement regarding military insignia on Bibles, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the military will honor the contributions of homosexual service members as part of "Gay Pride Month." Crews urges people of faith to stand firm.

"Evangelical soldiers, airmen, Marines, they're going to have to make some courageous stands right now to say to their commanders, 'Sir, I cannot participate in this type of ceremony because we believe this is a celebration of something that God's Word is clear about defining as wrong,'" he tells OneNewsNow.

According to Crews, such actions came about only because a lame-duck Congress forced the radical homosexual agenda on the military when it repealed the 1993 law banning homosexuals from serving in the armed forces.

So the removal of military insignias off of Bibles and the decision to honor gay military service members is connected because of THE CONSPIRACY by President Obama and the former Democratic-led Congress to destroy the military and thereby the United States by forcing heterosexual service members to hold ceremonies to honor gay and lesbian service members so that they are recruited in these ceremonies to a homosexual lifestyle.

Apparently the military insignias on the Bibles created a force field which made heterosexual soldiers impervious to the sly come-ons by members of the gay community, come-ons which they will receive at these Gay Pride ceremonies, which now thanks to Weinstein, they are susceptible to.

Or something like that.

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Anonymous said...

that just shows the IGNORANCE of the religious people worrying about being recruited into being GAY???
No one will be trying to RECRUIT them if your not Gay your not Gay that can not be changed just like if you ARE Gay it can not be changed yes you can hide it and yes you can fight it but your still Gay you just Choose to hide it but again you are still Gay.

Gabriel Roybal said...

oh man- what a great article. definitely sharing.

Anonymous said...

Umm, of course I think the religious right is crazy, but jeez.

But, why is the military having these ceremonies. I am gay and if I was in the military, I wouldn't want my accomplishments, etc, to be singled out in a special ceremony because of the fact that I'm gay. Everyone is equal and united, or at least supposed to be.

Granted, maybe I'm reading it wrong.

- Brendan from Facebook

BlackTsunami said...

On the contrary, Brendan, ceremonies like these are important so that people know the diversity of the folks who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend their freedoms.

Sometimes we take it for granted that those willing to put their lives on the line come from different backgrounds and a lot of times, these backgrounds aren't given the respect they deserve. You would be surprised to know how many folks need to made aware that members of the gay community put their lives on the line just like many in the heterosexual community.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

Brendan, again.

Anonymous said...

I don't so much think it's sex on the brain but hate on the brain. These folks spouting this nonsense all have amygalal deformities.

Erica Cook said...

Why do they want the military insignia on their bibles anyway? Do they want to think the military is theirs? Are they trying to say the military sanctions their existence? If so why do they want this? And for that matter if they want the insignia on their bibles there should be a military quran, a military torah, and a military book of shadows. Please please no on that last one. I'd hate my religion to have a military link.
There is something exclusionary about the idea of a bible with the seal of the military when no other has it.