Thursday, June 07, 2012

'Signorile calls out Maggie Gallagher's duplicity' and other Thursday midday news briefs

What Are Gay Marriage Opponents Thinking? A Discussion With Maggie Gallagher - Maggie Gallagher is getting bold if she allowing herself to be interviewed by Michelangelo Signorile. After this interview, expect Gallagher not to be so bold.

First trans witness ever to testify before Senate on ENDA - I love it when good history is made

Pelosi: If Dems Win The House, DOMA Defense Goes Away - Talk about your incentives to vote Democrat!

BREAKING: Another Federal Judge Strikes Down DOMA - Which would be good because defending it is a waste of money. For the second time this week, it has been struck down.

LaBarbera and Wooden are Positive that Nobody Wants their Kids to be Gay - I'm almost a proponent of spontaneous combustion over this one.

Game On in Washington State: Marriage on the November Ballot - We knew this would happen. So let's do this thing!

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1 comment:

Daniel said...

On the Maggie Gallagher interview - she's doing her job. I imagine she is paid well for doing it. She wont change her mind. On top of that, apparently she admitted the bottom line is her catholic orthodoxy. That wont change either. I guess the benefit of interviewing her is then to debunk her and expose her, but I imagine she feels the only bad publicity is no publicity.