Monday, June 18, 2012

'Transgender man pops the question at White House reception' and other Monday midday news briefs

WATCH: A White House Pride Trans Marriage Proposal - This is too cool. Ordinarily I would make a joke about how the religious right react to something like this, but not now. I mean who really gives a crap about what they think about this awesome proposal. 

In other news:  

Target Sells Out - Hold up, folks. Don't get angry. Target has sold out all of its Pride t-shirts. Now I can ruminate how the religious right will react.
U.S. Senator, top conservative group call on Tony Perkins to revoke Ron Baity's award - This is hilarious. Infighting amongst religious right groups. Of course the media conveniently doesn't talk about this.
Kameron Slade, New York Fifth Grader, Prohibited From Giving Gay Marriage Speech At School - Including this for the update. He WILL be allowed to give his speech. Cool!
Michigan House Passes Anti-Gay ‘License To Condemn’ Counseling Bill - This right here is a nauseating disgrace. 

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