Thursday, June 14, 2012

When fake Christians attack - One News Now readers go crazy over refutation of bad study

On the phony news site, One News Now, there is a huge debate going on regarding that fraudulent study about gay parenting which just came out.

Like so many other things on that site, the article, Study: Youngsters of 'gay households' negatively affected, is laughably false.

Among other lies, the article says the study "is being hailed as the most scientifically credible study so far on the issue demonstrates that children are harmed by growing up in homosexual and lesbian households." The study has been roundly criticized by a host of social scientists for bad methodology and other falsehoods.

What makes the article even funnier is that it quotes only one source; not the author of the study, Mark Regnerus but Peter LaBarbera of the anti-gay hate group Americans for Truth.

I already talked about his comments this morning. What I want to talk about are the comments by some of those actually defending the study, particularly comments directed towards me.

Granted, these comments are not indicative of all Christians, but it should give you an idea of the hypocrisy of One News Now's readership.

My first comment:
Actually the study is not being hailed as very scientifically credible. It's been criticized for a lot of distortions - 1. 1. The Study Doesn’t Compare Married Gay Parents To Married Heterosexual Parents. 2.The Author Admits The Study Doesn’t Establish Causation Between Same-Sex Parenting And Negative Outcomes. 3. The Study Arbitrarily Ignores Overlaps In Its Subpopulations.4. The Study Doesn’t Accurately Define Gay And Lesbian Parents. 5. The Study’s Author And Funders Have An Agenda. A recent article says that young folks are abandoning Christianity in a large number. Can you blame them when those who profess to be Christians act in such a manner in which they approve of lies and distortions? Lies in the name of God are still lies.

Various responses:
Maybe true to a point but the Gays have an Agenda also.
Gosh, what a big sexy black gay man you are! Are you by chance into edging? If so, I can host. Piss-off with your blatant distortion of logic & facts, undoubtedly a result of too much anal poundage. (Editor's note - what the hell is "edging?")
Even if this study is biased it brings up the possibility of children being harmed in various ways at a much greater frequency in homosexual parented households versus heterosexual parented households. We should be doing what's best for the children not selfishly arguing to protect our sexual orientation viewpoint. If you are a hetero arguing against homos you are missing the most important point, children may be at risk and that trumps the orientation war. If you are a homo arguing against heteros to promote your GLBT agenda, then you are missing the most important point, children may be at risk and that trumps your orientation war. We should be demanding further investigations and unbiased studies for the sake of those innocent children who are harmed by adults daily. This study may or may not be biased, but it does focus on the effects the family environment has on children and if there is negative outcome we need to find ways to change that outcome. Stop the personal agenda garbage like the postings from Alvin A. McEwen and Rev. Anthony Smith. One of you seems to be supporting the "Gay" agenda and the other is supporting the "Christian" agenda and neither agenda addresses the emotional and physical harm to children.

My second comment:
Rev. Smith, all of what you say is irrelevant IF you and others on this site support a study which has multiple flaws and lack of honesty. Your words about accepting Jesus and Christianity are hypocritical if you abide by lies to get your message across.

Various responses:
Al-vin, you are still a pervert.
Actually the way to change the situation, is through Love and not preaching Judgement. God has given us Grace, yes which we have not earned because he loves us, but Rev don't you think you would gain more respect in your comments speaking from a loving view. Gay and Lesbian Life styles is sin like any other sin., and yes them raising children is NOT Healthy for the children, but God also has his hands on those children and through Love they will in the future pave the road to eliminate children being raised by Gays and Lesbians! God will balance this circumstance Ultimately he is always in control!
Alvin, don't tell me your queer too?

As I said before, not all comments from those defending the study are nasty, but they are certainly misguided. in that they are either defending or pushing aside the fact the details which have caused the study to be criticized.

How then can they talk to us about God and the supposed sin of homosexuality when they are embracing the sin of lying.

Editor's note - Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out has drawn up a petition asking that there be an investigation by the University of Texas to assess whether or not Regnerus's study was independent or was he in collusion with religious right groups. I think it's a worthy petition in view of the fact that National Organization for Marriage founder and chairman emeritus Robert George has ties with organizations who gave Regnerus a grant for the study (over $700,000) and also with one newspaper who publicized the study.

I've signed the petition and I think others should too.

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LJ Crabtree said...

(Editor's note - what the hell is "edging?")

Uh... it's something that is not necessarily a homosexual activity. It's bringing a man to the "edge" during sex, then backing him down, over and over. Supposedly orgasm, when finally achieved, is supposed to be intense. Being a woman, "edging" takes on a slightly different meaning for me. But I fail to comprehend how this particular activity has anything to do with the "evil gay agenda".

JesterKatz said...

"How then can they talk to us about God and the supposed sin of homosexuality when they are embracing the sin of lying."

Because they think using one sin (lying) against another (homosexuality) is justification. it's a vigilante complex, if something "evil" exists, homosexuality in this case, then for some reason people feel they have the "right" to do whatever to get rid of the evil. They'll go to whatever lows to get rid of what they hate, they'll even do it at the expense of the people they're supposedly protecting. Which begs the question of who the real evil is...

@LJ Crabtree
They (the "Various responses") may have mentioned edging because it's a fetish, and only homosexuals have fetishes

Incidentally, while edging is normally for men, women can do it too.

Keir said...

Wow, these awful, hateful responses to your comments really do speak for themselves.

Capote said...

I signed and shared. Thanks for posting the link.

Speaking about crazy comments,
Here in washington (seeing how we're smack in the middle of the marriage equality fight). Right now, if there is an article about gay marriage or referendum 74 in the seattle times, there is like 400+ plus comments and it's just this big back and forth between everybody...and we got some doozies too.
I like to believe that the people of my state have the common sense to let marriage equality happen as our state government has seen fit and buck the trend of this losing at the ballot box. we've already done it with Referendum 71. Trying to be optimistic and donate as much money as I can is better than just being angry I suppose.

Anonymous said...

These people believe that God made the entire universe in 7 days, made the human race out of a pile of dirt, He is all knowing and all seeing, and he hears..every...single..prayer.
So why in gods name do they believe that God needs some sort of mafia hit men on earth to wipe out the gays?
Do they really believe that the almighty couldn't handle this on his own?

Frank Moraes said...

I find the third comment the most pernicious. It sounds like a call for tolerance but the argument is anything but: gay parents are bad for kids because someone says they are; until you prove otherwise: save the kids the shun the gays!

In our media environment, this type of thing is the most dangerous. It is the equivalent of the "states' rights" argument from the 1960s. "Me? Bigot? Never!" It is almost as though the "big sexy black gay man" comments are placed there explicitly so that the "save the children" comments can seem reasonable. Regardless, that is the effect.

s256 said...

There is nothing wrong with encouraging full acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality in society. It certainly won't hurt anyone. It should be seen as normal and equal to heterosexuality, because it is! A huge benefit to society is that same-sex couples can adopt babies to give them a loving home and family.