Tuesday, July 03, 2012

'NOM's neutrality demand is a lie' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, Each Donate $100,000 For Marriage Equality - Okay NOM, will you boycott Microsoft? Come on. I dare you. 

When you seek out NOM, you forfeit neutrality - Hypocrisy define - NOM demands that companies supporting marriage equality stay neutral, but embraces companies which supports NOM's madness.

The 11 Most Pro-Gay U.S. Representatives - I talk a lot about those who are anti-gay. Let's spotlight those who are pro-gay. 

Are Gay Black Men the 'Mammies' of Reality Television? - A good question and article.

Anderson Cooper’s Coming Out Reminds How Society Still Confuses ‘Sexuality’ With ‘Sex Life’ - So when you are open about being gay, folks still think you will be talking about your alleged sex acts. Welcome to our world, Anderson ;p

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Jarred said...

I loathe reality television and therefor do not watch it, so I can't comment on that articles solution beyond saying that it wouldn't surprise me.

rj-to said...

Funny how it's been common knowledge for sometime that Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook are all unapologetically pro-gay. Yet, not a peep out of boycott-happy NOM about taking a principled stance against THEM. Why's that, I wonder? Gee, do you think it's because they know they need the products provided by these companies and would be sunk without their email newsletters, tweets, and their websites/Facebook pages in this internet/social media-driven culture? I guess their christian "values" are not valuable enough for them to give up their crucial communications systems. And I imagine their sheep would be duly reluctant. Such laughable hypocrisy. Because of the ridiculous corner they painted themselves into, they can only quietly not mention these particular companies' pro-gay position and focus on the companies they at least have an alternative to, like Starbucks, General Mills, and JC Penney. Too, too funny!