Monday, July 09, 2012

'Supposed ex-gay pens awful letter to gay youth' and other Monday midday news briefs

One of the most reprehensible 'advice' columns you'll ever read. For shame, Matt Moore - This is an awful lie to tell a gay child. If I had read this when I was young, I hate to think what I would have done to myself. And I am not saying that simply for shock value.

Hate Group Leader Bradlee Dean Ordered To Pay Rachel Maddow's Defense Fees - This just in. Looks like somebody got smacked down in his lawsuit.

Arizona Governor Asks Supreme Court To Strip Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits - To what purpose would it serve to be so nasty to same-sex families.

Lou Engle Dreams Of 100,000 Ex-Gays And Ex-Lesbians Curing AIDS - There is a reason why I never talked that much about Lou Engle. Religious right liars is one thing. Religious right crazies is something entirely different.

“Ex-Gay” Leaders Resentful Of, Threatened By Alan Chambers’ Honesty
- The 'ex-gay' industry is having serious problems right now. Good.

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Xaratherus said...

While I agree partially with this article, I think it could use a bit of clarification.

Alan Chambers still believes that homosexuality is a sin, and that gay men and women should remain celibate in the face of their attractions to the same sex. From his June 2012 letter, "Defining Exodus":

"Exodus does not believe SSA [same-sex addiction] is sinful. However, sexual expression resulting from SSA is. Making such clear distinctions has been a failure of the Church that is slowly being realized and changed. At Exodus International one of our primary missions is to communicate that we all have propensities that if indulged can lead us into sin, but those attractions or inclinations are not sinful."

In other words, being gay is not a sin to Mr. Chambers - but having gay sex is still a sin.

Now it is true that Mr. Chambers states Exodus no longer advocates reparative therapy:

"In fact we are no longer an organization that associates with or promotes therapeutic practices that focus on changing one’s attraction. I found the greatest amount of freedom when I stopped focusing on my sin and struggles and started focusing on the grace and peace found only in Christ and the man He created me to be. This life isn’t most about sin management but about living daily as the sons and daughters of God. In part, it is the peace and rest found in that identity alone that transforms us daily."

So while it's positive that Exodus no longer 'flagships' the idea of reparative therapy, and now admits that sexual orientation in what I'll call "monosexuals" - those with an attraction only to a single sex (as opposed to multisexuals - those who are/can be attracted to both sexes) - is not changeable through therapy or even prayer, it's only a half-step since Mr. Chambers still advocates ACTING on homosexuality as a sinful crime.