Monday, July 30, 2012

'Tax-payer funded school discriminates against same-sex family' and other Monday midday news briefs

Video: Accepting Uncle Sam's cash, barring his gay-parent-having nephew - If you are taking MY tax dollars, you will not discriminate against me nor my people. Point blank.  

Lawmaker To Catholic Church: Prove Your Claims Gay People Die Early - Awesome. Now watch how the Catholic Church will lie.  

Cheney Supported Marriage Equality In 2000, Kept Silent To Help Bush - What privilege brings you - chickenshit behavior.  

The Tragedy of the Isabella Miller-Jenkins Abduction - I haven't forgotten about this sad case about a lesbian mother denied access to her daughter. And now it takes a really sad turn.

  Religious Right Leaders Pray for 'Healing for Those who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction' - With the way these folks lie, they need to pray for themselves before praying for me. 

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