Monday, August 13, 2012

'AFA:' Big gay' activists are going to hell' and other Monday midday news briefs

Buster Wilson Warns 'Big Gay' Activists That They Are Destined for Hell - First of all, what in the world is a "big gay" activist? Secondly, who designated a guy named "Buster" to send people to hell? I don't remember that verse in the Bible.

In other news: 

Woman Becomes First Openly Gay General - THIS is a pretty darned big deal! 

Paul Ryan Has Acted On Every Anti-Gay Belief Mitt Romney Has - Translation: the religious right will love Paul Ryan.

Anti-Gay Groups Officially Launch Campaign To Remove Pro-Equality Iowa Justice - Nothing says fairness like voting out a judge simply because you don't agree with his or her opinion.

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Christina Lynn Johnson said...

Why are we making fun of this person because his name is Buster? What if there was a wonderful GLBT activist by that name?

Tor said...

Wanna know what BIG GAY is? It is all of us little individual LGBTs and our straight allies (thank you Straight Grandmother), each doing his/her single small act of equality. We will never go away.

gay idahoan said...

YOU read YOUR bible and let US do our THING, go to YOUR church, WE will go to OURS, enough said

Aulton said...

I see this hack isn't done making a fool of himself after he was soundly defeated on Truth Wins Out when he was trolling that site.