Friday, August 10, 2012

Anti-gay General Mills arsonist gets schooled by Alan Colmes

That crazy man who set fire to cereal at General Mills (to protest the company's support of gay equality) was recently interviewed by Alan Colmes.

While I despise giving any certifiable nut 15 minutes of fame, I think this interview is important because it illustrates just how ignorant some people are when it comes to actually knowing the Bible.

Colmes practically hands this man his ass and no, I don't want to know why gays like Cheerios.

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Anonymous said...

Why we are attracted to Cheerios? Is he serious?

Never was much of an oat fan - now if you make a cereal with barley and hops I might be more willing to eat it!

Anonymous said...

This guy says things like... That it's okay to burn something on that property because there are public roads that run through there. But that guy didn't use a public road. He was standing on that company's property.

Additionally, he says people take pictures of themselves in front of the building. Taking pictures isn't going to cause potential damage, whereas fire will...

Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...

I don't want to know why gays like Cheerios.

Respect the cruller, & tame the donut!