Monday, August 20, 2012

'Are Greenville, SC police entrapping and illegally arresting gay men?' and other Monday midday news briefs

South Carolina county sheriffs warned over illegal entrapment of gay men - Screwed up mess happening in my state. Read the article before making judgments. Reportedly even when the gay men decline the come ons thrown at them by undercover officers, they are still being arrested.

Nevada Same-Sex Couple Denied Hospital Visitation Despite Domestic Partnership - When organizations like NOM claim to want a conversation on things like this, they are lying.  

Why no one trusts anything the Family Research Council says—Frank Turek edition - The Family Research Council and the Liberty Council have come out with a "report" claiming to chart many cases of "religious discrimination. Naturally it's bogus.

Barber: Pro-Gay Donors & Activists Have 'Poisoned' the GOP and Must Be 'Rooted Out' - Part of the Liberty Counsel's 'Truth In Love' no doubt.  

'Gay Cure' Ban Heads For Vote In California - Yes! Ban it! 

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vikingwarbrides said...

When I lived in Sebring Florida, the local police "cruised" the bathrooms at anchor stores at the mall looking for gay men soliciting sex. If they said "Hey Guy" and the person responded favorably (by that officers personal definition), then they were arrested. I guess in small towns nobody hears about stuff like that.