Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'Dan Savage vs. NOM's Brian Brown - the debate' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Finally, the debate we all have been waiting for. Dan Savage vs. NOM's Brian Brown. If you have time,
check it out:


In other news:

Two columns taking those to task those who minimize the Family Research Council's hate group status:

 Calling out hate when we see it 

  Op-ed: Violence Makes It Harder to Sort the Good from the Hateful

 While I despise the circumstances which led to this discussion (i.e. last week's shooting), I think it is good that we are having a discussion because finally, the ways the Family Research Council demonizes the gay community is seeing some mainstream light.

 In further news:

Barber: Polygamy and Incest are 'Inevitable' if Gay Marriage is Legalized - But if you look in the Bible, polygamy and incest came BEFORE gay marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Brian was talking out of his ass the ENTIRE time. I love how when Dan would completely debunk something Brian said, he would state "you're wrong!" over and over again and then repeat the same talking point that Dan just debunked! He did it the entire duration of the interview. Dan proved many points that I hadn't realized. Bravo, Mr. Savage!

Harley Johnson said...

I reckon Dan left Brian Brown in the dust. Brown's arguments were mostly repetitive and often non-related as a response. Dan's argument offered the general consensus, ideals and position of the LGBTI community. He certainly reflected my opinions on SS Marriage. Way to go Dan. Brian Brown - you, FRC and your NOMsters' bigotry will be remembered with shame as a dark mark on your history.

Capote said...

Thank you SO much for posting the debate. I'm a little disappointed, yet not surprised that they only thing Brian could do is bring up the usual talking points and claim to be the victim.

The Colorful One said...

I just got done watching the debate. I felt Dan Savage made some great points, while Brian Brown spent most of his time parenting the same old talking points (something even Oppenheimer briefly noted toward the end) and trying to play the victim.

Martín Caballero said...

I'd love to see a transcript, for several reasons:

It would be easier for those whose mother tongue is not English (I'm onr of them, altough I usually understand what I hear without the need of subtitles). With a transcript you can use a translation tool.

An hour.long video takes time to load on slower connections.

I think it's easier to save text for reading offline and it saves a lot of time. Plus, you can highlight the best parts and use it on your personal blog&site.