Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family Research Council teases with phony response to SPLC charges

UPDATE - Turns out that FRC did leave a page. The link it provided was bad. Click here to read the post about the charges.

I think the Family Research Council is teasing me.

Earlier today, I was shocked to read the following coming from its twitter feed (please forgive the primitive way I put it out there):

Answering the SPLC, point by point. Via @SprigFRC

I was all excited because finally, I thought, the Family Research Council was going to submit its long-awaited refutation of the reasons why the Southern Poverty Law Center dubbed it as a hate group.

The Family Research Council has been promising this "detailed response" ever since SPLC gave them that designation in 2010.

FRC spokesman Peter Sprigg said the following in December 2010:

We will be preparing a more detailed response to (SPLC Chairman and CEO J. Richard) Cohen’s charge that FRC spreads “falsehoods” in our well-documented research, which does show that certain harms are associated with homosexual conduct.

Since that time, FRC has been dancing around the issue, providing hit-and-run statements and claims which not only were not a detail response but also did a lot to prove SPLC's argument that the organization  distorts facts and passes propaganda about the gay community.

After reading today's tweet, I was looking forward to finally seeing how FRC would refute SPLC's charges.

I should've known that it was not to be. If you click on the link to the tweet, you will be directed to an empty page on the Family Research Council website which says the following:

We're sorry, but the page you're looking for is no longer available.

If you are not automatically redirected to the homepage after 5 seconds, click here


FRC got me all ready to refute its mess and then it pulls the information away. What a tease.

So in spite of its whining about being unfairly targeted by the SPLC, FRC has yet to provide a detailed refutation of SPLC's reasons as to why it is a hate group.

And it's been two years since we have been promised a "detailed response" of these charges.

I have the sneaky suspicion that by the time FRC does provide a detailed refutation to SPLC, "my credit will be good again."

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thom said...

I had the same thing happen when I hit that link earlier. In the redirect, note that it has a period at the end but shouldn't. Of course, the actual document once you get there just refutes the SPLC's arguments by doubling down on FRC's same old lies. But I bet you guessed that already.

Chris Doyle said...

I just spent some time going through the "issues" section of their web site... YIKES! Pretty scary stuff!