Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Hate group leader wants photographs showing graphic consequences' of gay sex' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Bryan Fischer Of American Family Association Calls For Photos Showing 'Graphic' Consequences Of Gay Sex To Deter 'Immoral' Act - Just in case folks forget what this debate is all about, Bryan Fischer thankfully reminds us. He wants photographic evidence of the supposed "graphic consequences of gay sex" to be shown.

'Oh, and Tony Perkins and Pete Sprigg are friends'— Erick Erickson demonstrates everything wrong with this debate - Expect to see more of this. "Influential" (which really doesn't give a positive view of the word in this case) Erik Erickson pretends in his tweets not to know why the Family Research Council was declared a hate group.

Understanding ‘Hate’ In The Wake Of The Family Research Council Shooting - Zack Ford of Think Progress lays down what it's all about.

Linda Harvey Attacks Teachers' Unions for Promoting 'Destructive' Gay Rights - And let's not leave out little Linda Harvey.

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Anonymous said...

Bryan Fischer is revolting. We should send him photos of women who are abused by their husbands. And women who were raped by a man. Then he could condemn heterosexuality, right?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Bryan Fischer's that his dead horse isn't a drum and he really should quit beating it. The anti-gay movement has been pushing the whole "health risks of gay sex" meme for years, never acknowledging that the things they mention are things that male/female couples are also susceptible to.

Tall Stacey said...

We should send him pictures of the bodies of all the LGBT people attacked by bigots and suffering the violence he promulgates. Show him the bodies of kids bullied to death, people beaten, burned, dragged behind pickup trucks, tied to fences to die; clubbed, cut, shot, stabbed by his advocates of intolerance. Show him the consequences of his hate speech.

Daniel said...

As much as I deplore violence, when I look back at the glee homophobes had for the tens of thousands of deaths from AIDS, I don't feela lot of pity. Sad that someone went crazy, sad that someone, probably innocent of anything other than being human, was killed. The rest is just a war of rhetoric.

How has NOM responded to antiLGBT violence? It's not like there's a lack of beatings and murders.

Highest # of antigay murders in 2011:

How about this recent murder?

There is no lack of antiLGBT hate crime. I'm always against violence, physical and psychological. But put into perspective, I would like to see these other murders discussed in the same breath as this one.

Daniel said...

The main consequence of gay sex is a sleepy smile. Maybe someone could send photos of that.

Anonymous said...

(On Bryan Fischer)

Religious hypocrisy #356356546:
They complain about keeping "it" in the bedroom, yet talk about "it" constantly, and use "it" for emotional blackmail.

Gregory Peterson said...

Daniel is thinking of what I was thinking...send him photos of cuddling couples with satisfied smiles.