Thursday, August 09, 2012

'NOM paid black minister $20,000 to oppose marriage equality' and other Thursday midday news briefs

"You Can't Equate Your Sin With My Skin" Will the National Organization for Marriage's plan to pit blacks versus gays work? - Awesome article by Mother Jones magazine on NOM's attempt to play the black and gay communities against one another. It includes an explosive revelation about the relationship between NOM and Harry Jackson, a pastor whom People for the American Way called the point man for the religious right's attempt to exploit the black community:

 Jackson is exactly the kind of African American spokesperson the NOM memo envisions. "There's been a hijacking of the civil rights movement by the radical gay movement," he said on CNN after backing California's Proposition 8 in 2008. "You can't equate your sin with my skin." He has received $20,000 from NOM's education fund and has rallied support for same-sex marriage bans in Florida and Washington, DC, where he joined Councilmember Marion Barry to oppose a marriage equality bill in 2009.

Don't be nonchalant about this, folks because it fills a missing piece of the puzzle. I have long suspected black ministers who are teaming up with NOM aren't doing it solely for their religious beliefs. This revelation about Jackson begs the question just what other black ministers does NOM have on it's payroll. And I would also be remiss if I didn't state the obvious - these ministers are betraying their own people.

And in just in case you need another reminder about Jackson, he is the same man who recently claimed that gays are trying to recruit children and conservative Christians need to "steal back the rainbow:"

 In other news:

 About that writer the far-right is trying to contrast with Zach Wahls... - You know that college professor from the same-sex household I talked about this morning? The one NOM is using to denigrate same-sex families? Jeremy Hooper found out some interesting stuff about him.

 Vanderbilt University Employee Caught Trashing LGBT Newspaper - This is a hot mess!

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Marlena Machol said...

What an ignorant toad. He can't even think up his own catch phrases; he just steals other people's imagery.

truthspew said...

I've long suspect financial enticement to be honest. That is the Modus Operandi of the National Organization for Marriage.

And they still don't understand that their very name is an oxymoron.