Saturday, August 18, 2012

NOM's Brian Brown has trouble defending Family Research Council lies

There is no question that the National Organization for Marriage is milking the outcry over Wednesday's shooting at the Family Research Council in a sad attempt to attack the Southern Poverty Law Center.

However, watch what happens when Brown is confronted during an interview on CNN with statements made by the Family Research Council in regards to comparing gays to pedophiles. He gets a little tongue-tied.

The good stuff starts at 2:20:

Hat tip to The New Civil Rights Movement.

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Woodstock said...

Brian Brown says "We don't try to silence people we disagree with" but he wants us to just go back into our closet now and shut up. Their conservative FB pages routinely delete comments and ban people who disagree with them. No, they don't try to silence people who disagree with them.

NOM Comments said...

Brian seems to think calling speech "hateful" amounts to silencing free speech. I don't think anyone ever said that Tony does not have a right to speak. The fact that Brian is trying to claim victim status on this is patently absurd.

Penny Sautereau-Fife, Shaman Of Hedon said...

So NOM had a death threat bomb scare a week before the shooting, that was NOT reported to the police, and NO ONE heard one single word about until THIS interview.

Gee Brian, aren't you hot with your pants all aflame like that?

BlackTsunami said...

You have a good point Penny. I have never known NOM to not take advantage of something like that.

ThinkAboutIt said...

I am not trying to justify what the shooter did by any means, but every time that I hear them talk about how this attack was caused because of them being labeled a hate group, I cringe. Because HOW MANY LGBT members have been beaten, abused, shunned, mistreated, victimized, beaten up, and yes, MURDERED due to the hate speech that THEY spew?
No, two wrongs don't make a right, but before he keeps going on and on about how the "hateful" label caused it, maybe they should think about the damage that THEIR hateful comments do! I am POSITIVE that more attacks have been made on the LBGT community because of their speech than vice versa.

Anonymous said...

One thing that has stuck in my head since I first heard about this shooting was how often I have heard people say that people should just physically fight back against bullies and that fighting back will stop the bullying. I have heard this message quite frequently lately when the subject of bullying comes up. Personally I think that the eye for an eye message is not necessarily the best message to send someone who is being abused and bullied because it can lead them to feel justified in fighting back in these types of manners even as morally wrong as they may be. Some people when they have been abused for a period of time may not be in a position to reason the difference between hitting the bully back when he punches you in the face and exploding in a rage of bullets.

I am by no means saying that I agree with what this man did nor am I saying that I place sole blame on those who say fight back, nor do I agree that FRC is the victim of more than a horrible shooting like they would like everyone to believe. I think that many factors were in play including the man's mental state, possibly his feelings of being victimized and wanting to fight back, as well as the hate messages that FRC and it's like send out daily to the GLBT community. I am curious though how much of a role the message people keep sending that we need to physically fight back against the bullies played a role in this.

The Colorful One said...

The moment Brian Brown said "you can agree or disagree with that statement," the next question should have been, "So do you agree or disagree with it?"

Anonymous said...

Wait. I thought they considered being on the SPLC's hate group list was a "badge of honor"

EvilI said...

No, you can't agree or disagree with that statement.
It wasn't an opinion. It was a factual statement, it was either right or it was wrong.
It was wrong. And they knew it was wrong when they said it, making it a lie (or as the religious call it, false witness).

She didn't point out that if calling a hate group a hate group is irresponsible than that certainly says something about accusing a minority group of trying to legalize rape. That's kinda important. If they're going to say that these kind of accusations are dangerous (which we already know and they usually pretend isn't true) than the FACT that they're making false ones is something that needs to be said--directly.

Anonymous said...

So what Brian Brown is saying is it's okay to label gay people as child molesters & predators of children but it's NOT okay to label groups like the Family Research Council a hate group for labeling gay people like that. What a stupid idiot!