Wednesday, September 05, 2012

'LGBT inclusive speeches in record number at Democratic National Convention' and other Monday midday news briefs

DNC Treasurer Andrew Tobias, one of the openly gay speakers from last night. 

 Speeches with LGBT content #DNC2012 - 11 speeches last night at the Democratic Convention with LGBT inclusive content! Sweet! It took a looooong time for this day to come and I am so glad to see it. I want more of it. And it's something for the folks at GoProud to remember. How many speeches with positive LGBT content did they see at the Republican Convention?  

GLSEN Releases New School Climate Report: 82 Percent Of LGBT Students Still Encounter Verbal Harassment - Let's not get too happy. We've got a lot of work to do for our children.

 Christian Post runs article lauding Paul Cameron’s fraudulent claims - A hot mess. Amongst other things, Paul Cameron believes that gay men stuff gerbils up their rectums. It's mess like that which gives Christianity a bad name.  

Opponents of same-sex unions are using a controversial study to push a discriminatory new amendment - Why do you think the Regnerus study was created? 

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Jarred said...

Now now. Didn't one GOProud spokesman admit he doesn't care about LGBT inclusivity? Only that he gets to be filthy rich?

Granted, I'm not clear how his being filthy rich actually helps any of the rest of us, but I suspect we're not supposed to think about that.

ColdCountry said...

Maybe in another 12-16 years, we won't be hearing any speeches that are LGBT inclusive because it will be a given.