Tuesday, September 04, 2012

'Religious right spokesman - media who cites SPLC has blood on their hands' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Barber: Media Who Cite SPLC Will Have Blood on Their Hands - What a sleazeball! Seems to me that if FRC and folks like Matt Barber didn't lie on gays in the first place, this entire thing would have been avoided. Sorry Matt but THIS media person will cite SPLC and won't be feeling like Lady Macbeth any time soon:

 In other news:

 Ohio Mother Loses Custody Of Child Due To Marriage Inequality Amendment - This is just WRONG!  

Read: Democrats embrace the freedom to marry - A damn sweet and historical moment. 

 Nine preachers arrested at Southern Decadence - Oh sweet irony! You are too kind!

 NCLR Files Federal Lawsuit Against Indianapolis Public Schools For Failing to Protect Gay Student  - Sock it to them! If you can't protect our children, then they SHOULD sue! 

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1 comment:

W. Lotus said...

How is it that when we in the LGBT community tell them something even as "compassionate" as "love the sinner, hate the sin" adds to anti-LGBT hatred, they say that is not the case. Yet when the SPLC rightfully labels a hate group for its blatant lies about the LGBT community, SPLC and anyone who quotes them is "wrong"? My brain cannot wrap itself around that nonsense.