Thursday, October 04, 2012

'Boxer Orlando Cruz comes out of the closet' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Orlando Cruz Comes Out: Boxer Says He Is 'A Proud Gay Man' - And Cruz is a successful boxer, unlike a sad religious right talking head (Matt Barber): 


For my Christmas present, I want to be present when and if someone tries to gay bash HIM.

In other news:

FRC links DADT repeal to military's 'slipping sexual standards' - Yet another example of the Family Research Council scapegoating the gay community.  

WaPo’s Garrison Covers California’s “Pray Away the Gay” Ban - According to a Washington Post columnist, the folks pushing against California's ban of "ex-gay" therapy have no case. Duh.  

Rob Anders' Transgender Washroom Visits Petition Sparks Twitter Outrage - What the hell? Another bathroom meme against the transgender community! 

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