Monday, October 08, 2012

NOM-affiliated pastor calls gay families 'discombobulated Frankenstein structures'

I don't think Jeremy Hooper will mind if I steal this one from him. I want to get this clip out to as much people as possible because it underlines a basic hypocrisy about the National Organization for Marriage and their supporters.

They seem to always whine about being unfairly labeled as "bigots" because they believe that marriage should solely be between a man and a woman. This is a lie and NOM bought-and-paid for pastor, Bishop Harry  Jackson proves this point with what can only be called an unprovoked, nasty attack on same-sex families. This is totally uncalled for and the only reason why Jackson and NOM gets away with stuff like this is because NO ONE presses the issue. Not the mainstream media or OUR media.

 We've got to stop letting them get away with this mess. People like Jackson and the folks I talked about in the post this morning are attacking our families and we should be pointing attention to that simple fact every chance we get. They don't want to simply "preserve" the supposed traditional definition of marriage. They are unfairly attacking same-sex families who have never done them any harm.

When is someone is going to ask folks like Jackson and company questions like - "If you don't want to seem bigots, then why are you attacking same-sex families?

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1 comment:

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

How do we get the mainstream media engaged? How do we get the word out to the masses? Most of the vile s**t I read about NOM is on gay sites only because I look for it. I send stuff to Facebook everyday and send things to friends and family thru emails. I am going to assume most of us do. It is not enough.
I am so tired of NOM getting away with the damage they cause across the country and NEVER having to pay the price.
People NEED to know what they are about before this election.
I don't have many resources but I am willing to print flyers and make signs. Anything to let the people know that our taxes help them spread lies and hate.
Just keep up the good work of keeping the rest of us informed.
Thank you.