Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NOM pushes another phony victim of an alleged gay conspiracy

The National Organization for Marriage is pushing another phony victim of the gay community - Don Mendell:

According to Equality Matters, there are several facts that NOM and Mendell deliberately omitted:

NOM’s video presents a highly misleading version of the events surrounding Mendell’s investigation, which still fails to demonstrate an example of “defamation.”
The complaint against Mendell was filed by several of his colleagues who were concerned that his public involvement in an anti-gay campaign undermined his ability to effectively counsel LGBT students. In addition to starring in the anti-gay TV ad, Mendell had written several anti-gay letters to the editor of Maine’s Bangor Daily News, including one in which he claimed gay activists were trying to “use children’s trusting nature to turn them against the natural law.”
Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation eventually dismissed the complaint against Mendell. According to a recent Mainers United press release:
The complaints against Mr. Mendell were dismissed by the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation in the Baldacci administration on First Amendment grounds.
Mr. Mendell’s right to participate publicly in a political campaign were confirmed by a Democratic administration that held a view contrary to the one expressed by Mr. Mendell.
There was no lawsuit filed in relation to this complaint or Mr. Mendell’s activities. [emphasis original]
Equality Matters also adds:

The latest Marriage ADA video adds to NOM’s long list of “defamation” examples that aren’t so. If NOM selected these stories to support the myth that opponents of same-sex marriage are “facing threats to their person, property or livelihood,” it’s no wonder the group has such a terrible track record of actually proving it in court.

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Anonymous said...

So in other words they didn't terminate his employment, just moved him to another school?

Another case of insubstantial allegations from NOM.

It amply demonstrates that they are NOTHING but a spin machine.