Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'NOM's 'wedge' strategy against Obama collapsing in NC' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

NC Early Voting Day 4: African American Turnout Doubles White GOP Turnout Sunday - Remember that plan by the National Organization for Marriage using black pastors (that the group paid off) to get black voters to withhold their votes from Obama because his support of marriage equality? Remember the radio ads that the diaper pastor Patrick Wooden made urging black voters to not vote for Obama? Based on what's happening in NC, I think it's not working.  

New Anti-Equality Ads In Maine Rely On Misleading Claims Of Victimization - And speaking of NOM . . . 

Log Cabin Republicans endorse their right to be federally banned - There are no proper words that don't involve profanity for me right now. 

 Crampton: Gay Activists 'Abhor Freedom' and Will Stop at Nothing to Intimidate Christians - I never get these memos. :( 

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