Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anti-gay pastor scorches NOM in choice interview

Ken Hutcherson
Anti-gay Washington state pastor Ken Hutcherson has been described by many (this blogger included) as a homophobic, self-conceited loudmouth.

How strange it is that two of those attributes which has been seen as a bane to lgbt equality has now become positive qualities.

Whatever the case may be, the National Organization for Marriage has clearly done something to infuriate Hutcherson and he does not plan to go "gently into that good night."

 Instead, he is becoming vocal as to how that anti-gay group lost their fight against marriage equality in Washington state two weeks ago, including hurtling charges of racism against NOM

In probably his most public interview to date on the matter - with gay activist Michelangelo Signorile on Signorile's SiriusXM OutQ radio program - Hutcherson continues not to hold back anything back.


 "I said to [the National Organization for Marriage], 'You think I’m controversial because I don’t look white. I don’t talk white. I don’t act white. And I am not that milquetoast-looking kind of guy that’s is going to be calm about everything. I’ve got a passion on what’s right. I’ve got a passion, and I will stand on what I think biblical principles are. If that’s controversial, then we’ve got a problem, and we’ll never win another election on anything.”

 “I think they (NOM) went weak, extremely, to the point where the national organizations wanted to be a little bit more loving, to look more to point of putting no bad taste in anyone’s mouth.”

“The National Organization for Marriage tried to win the moderates. And if you’re going to win the moderates then you got to stay away from what they call hard-line biblical principles.So they tried to come with the psychological and sociological argument." 

Hutcherson claimed he was especially against NOM's infamous wedge strategy of pitting the black and gay communities against each other on the subject of marriage equality:

 "I was totally against that approach, because it’s wrong. That’s not what we do to win, is to show our prejudice." 

You can listen to the entire interview here (and might I suggest that you wear a bib because it is CHOICE!)

I'm personally interested as to how NOM going to taper this down. The lgbt community has dealt with Hutcherson as an antagonist, so he can't really hurt us.

However, as a seemingly ally of NOM who has turned his back on the group and is now labeling them as racist, Hutcherson is like a nuclear bomb.

Pretending like Hutcherson doesn't exist will not help NOM's image. And Hutcherson has never been one being quiet about his "existence."

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Scott said...

NOM will do what NOM always does. They'll pay him off to shut up.

Unknown said...

First off, I don't know why anyone is surprised to learn that a mostly white conservative group that practices hate against one group, is also hateful of other groups. Haters hate, period. But Rev. Hutcherson is no friend of equality. He's essentially saying that some hate groups weren't hateful enough. SMH Let these fools battle each other all they want. The public clearly wants nothing to do with any of them.

Rob from VA said...

Wasn't part of NOM's strategy to use race against the LGBT community? Guess it didn't work. Ironically, Hutcherson is getting a taste of his own medicine. Now he knows what it feels like to be discriminated against by NOM. Karma's a biotch.

Anonymous said...

How many depictions of non-White "families" do you see on NOM's website or Facebook page? Seems, to me at least, that NOM has never really cared for the Black community; just their influence on getting more conservatives to work for NOM.

Anonymous said...

"The reason we lost is because we (or they) weren't extremist enough!"

That seems to be the rallying cry of extremists this season.