Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Homosexuality can be explained through plumbing and extension cords

Everyone is talking about how the Republican Party needs to do some "soul searching" after its electoral humiliation. If you ask me, I think the same holds for some folks who call themselves Christians. In three states, voters clearly showed that they have no problems with gays getting married. However, to hear Franklin Graham (a whisper of a shadow of what his father Billy Graham ever was) breaks down why these voters are supposedly wrong. And it all has to do with plumbing:

And the reduction of gay relationships to matters of sex even filters down to the obscure pastors blessed with a camera and a youtube account as you will see with this guy who not only uses props (extension cords) but links Obama with the anti-Christ in a manner which reminds one of PBS programs Sesame Street and The Electric Company:


I am of two opinions about this entire thing. I am thrilled that members of the religious right are going bonkers over the re-election of Obama.

But then I get a little spooked about the conviction of their mania.

Second clip courtesy of Joe Jervis.

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