Tuesday, December 04, 2012

'New website gives messages of hope to lgbt youth from mothers' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

YourHolidayMom.com Offers Messages Of Acceptance And Hope To LGBT Youth During The Holidays - A new website features 40 mothers giving messages of holiday hope and acceptance to our lgbt children. Excellent idea and I am honored to publicize it.  

Federal Judge Allows California Ex-Gay ‘Therapists’ To Continue Serving Minors As Suit Proceeds - And watch how religious right groups rub their hands with glee claiming victory. It's only temporary and applies to just three therapists.

 Ex-Straight Therapy: It Works, and I Am Proof! - My ex-straight therapy consisted of three Joan Crawford movies.

 Joni Lamb and Janet Boynes describe Homosexuality as Satan's Trap - No. The Jersey Shore and cellphones are actually Satan's trap. Everyone knows that.

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