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Discredited researcher - Gays want children to bend over and try it

Apparently Obama's support of marriage equality is pulling all of the homophobes out of the closet, so to speak, including this one:


Well, the timing is I think miserable for his reelection. I would have expected him, as you did, to wait until he was the new president and say, “Guess what? I’ve changed my mind,” or, “I’ve evolved.” But homosexuality is the one sin, or the one habit, that is 24/7. It is homosexuality all the time. And actually, while I’m not sure about the claims by the various people who have reported that Obama has at least participated at times with them in homosexual acts, this certainly lends some credence.

. . . Mark my words clearly; the long term goal of the homosexual movement is to get every little boy to grab his ankles and every little girl to give it a try. They will not rest until every one of our children at least gets to try, has the opportunity and maybe is forced to at least once experience homosexual acts. There is no retreating from that, they made it very clear earlier on—now they don’t take about it—but that’s what they want, they will not be happy until they get it, marriage is just a step along the way.

Those who are regular followers of my blog know this man. He is Paul Cameron, a man whom I consider to be the grand daddy of all religious right distortions involving the lgbtq community. At one time, he was the go-to guy for all anti-gay distortions used by the religious right. He is the man is responsible for pushing the following myths about the gay community:

Lesbians are more likely to die in car wrecks,

Gay men molest children at a high rate and are more likely to be serial killers,

Gay men stuff gerbils up their rectums,

Gays and lesbians in the military are more likely to rape their heterosexual counterparts.
 It was Cameron who in the 80s came up with the idea of aggressively using science to prove that homosexuality is a "dangerous lifestyle." The problem is to do this, Cameron attained a reputation for either distorting legitimate science or distorting his own work to gain the conclusions he wanted from his "studies." He has also been discredited and censured by many group and individuals on the left, the right, and in the middle due to his bad research techniques. Several of his studies have been criticized for such errors as having small sample sizes, showing an anti-gay bias in interviews, and not having enough responses to establish a suitable analysis.

Of course the religious right still cites his work, but are very careful not to mention him by name. Of course there are some, such as Peter LaBarbera, who will deliberately cite Cameron's work, even though he knows that the work is flawed.

And there are othesr, like the National Organization for Marriage, who, when caught citing Cameron, will turn backflips in order to distance themselves from him (sorry Maggie Gallagher, but a link is in fact an endorsement).

For me, Paul Cameron is old news. He doesn't even shock me anymore.

If you want to talk about shock, consider this - Cameron has been kicking around for over 20 years and organizations such as the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and the American Family Association have used his work during that entire time.

But not one time, at least to my knowledge, have any of these groups ever been questioned regarding their usage of Cameron's work on any news program.

Getting Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, or Peter Sprigg to answer questions regarding the usage of Cameron's work on a program such as Hardball sounds like a new project to me.

Who wants to undertake it?

From Box Turtle Bulletin comes a list of almost every religious right spokesperson or group who has ever used Paul Cameron's discredited research.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch for the scoop and some of the links.

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'Black, Latino clergy support Obama on marriage equality' and other Monday midday news briefs

Clay Aiken Talks Gay Marriage, Amendment One On CBS's 'Face The Nation' - I like Clay Aiken but what in the hell was he doing debating Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council on Face The Nation? Wasn't anyone else available? 

  Iowa Supreme Court Justice: I Won't Let The Hate Groups Bully Me - Good for him!  

State lawmaker challenges gay judge nominee - And yes it is because he is gay.

  African American And Latino Clergy On Obama's Gay Marriage Support - I am so glad about this. People like Harry Jackson, Patrick Wooden and Ken Hutcherson are always boggarting the conversation. 

  GOP Rep. Lankford Explains Why It Should Be Legal To Fire Someone For Being Gay: ‘It’s A Choice Issue’- Being gay is not a choice but that is irrelevant. It's like saying since religion is a choice, people should be fired for their religious beliefs.

 After Years Of Race-Baiting, NOM Attacks Obama For Focusing On “Identity Politics” - The hypocrites at NOM strike again. 

 Anti-Gay Activists Slam Obama for 'Doing the Devil's Work' on Marriage Equality - Aw hell, who told them! LOL 

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New York Times accidentally sanitizes bigoted pastor

 Editor's note - Those who are my friends on facebook are advised to de-friend me as Alvin McEwen. That address has been hacked (do not click on the picture of the shoes!). Please friend me at Charle King.

Patrick Wooden
Those who are against marriage equality are constantly pushing this "victim complex," i.e. claiming that they are being unfairly vilified for their opposition to marriage equality.

This is a lie. It's not their opposition to marriage equality, per se, but the distortions they engage in to fight marriage equality.

And unfortunately, often times, the media is their ally in how it frames the argument.

A perfect example of this sad fact is a recent New York Times article, Churches split over gay marriage. All in all, it is an excellent article which makes a good point in showing that the fight of marriage equality is not necessarily a fight which pits the gay community on one side and the religious community on the other. The article demonstrates that religious beliefs dictates both sides of the issue.

However, it also sugarcoats the reputation of a certain North Carolina minister:

At a black Pentecostal church in Raleigh, N.C., the Rev. Patrick Wooden entered the sanctuary on Sunday to a standing ovation, exulting that God’s “high hand” had led voters last week to pass a statewide amendment banning same-sex marriage. He took to the pulpit and denounced President Obama for taking a stand “in support of sin,” and “in opposition to the biblical model of marriage.”

. . .On Sunday, after Pastor Wooden quieted the standing ovation in his sanctuary in Raleigh, a sea of pink hats and dresses in honor of Mother’s Day, he went into a sermon that portrayed the fight for the same-sex marriage amendment as a divinely ordained cause.

Quoting from Exodus, he said God had led people to the polls with a “high hand,” just as God led the Israelites out of Egypt. Mr. Obama went “against God,” the pastor said. He invoked the New Testament passage from Romans in which men turn away from women and burn in their lust, “men with men.”

Pastor Wooden’s 3,000-member congregation, the Upper Room Church of God in Christ, is part of an African-American denomination that declared in 2004 that it would “never allow” or bless same-sex unions. The declaration cited passages from Scripture: that God created “the woman for the man,” (I Corinthians 11:9), and that “marriage is honorable” (Hebrews 13:4).

Pastor Wooden was in the forefront of the political fight over the marriage amendment in North Carolina, serving on the executive committee for the campaign and voicing radio advertisements heard around the state. He said that he had been raised by a single mother, and that he believed children needed both a mother and a father.

Those of us who know Wooden know that this isn't the only thing he said in regards to the gay community. He has made deliberately untrue comments regarding gay men and sex:

To omit - and I think this was by accident by the writer - Wooden's history of demonizing the gay community via slander and the bearing of false witness is serious mistake on two accounts. For one, it sanitizes Wooden as a simple pastor rather than exposing the entirety his homophobic animus and the article misses a chance to delve into a key complaint by the lgbtq community in regards to those who oppose marriage equality, i.e.  that they are quick to vilify us amongst each other, but in front of the press, they act innocent as lambs.

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