Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sorry religious right, but the gay community isn't buying what you are selling

As far as I am concerned, it's always a good thing when religious right figures trot their hypocrisies out in the public square.

My only concern is that we as a community don't take advantage of this more. Take former Family Research Council head Janet Parshall for example:

The above excerpt is from a ridiculous documentary she filmed with the American Family Association in 2009 entitled Speechless - Silencing the Christians. The documentary, with her as the host, makes inaccurate charges that gay equality will lead to the silencing and "persecution" of Christians. As you hear her ramble, please be aware that many of her claims are false, but I am sure you already know that.

But what I take from it is the false theme of "persecution" Parshall trots out. Using it, she implies the gay community are the aggressors. That we are the ones who use threats and ugly language against those we oppose.

It's a bizarre thing to take in when one listens to the following recent interview Parshall conducted with FRC's Peter Sprigg:

In case you need to keep to itemize certain realities, Parshall believes that gays gaining any form of equality is dangerous to Christians' rights of free speech. But her calling marriage equality a tool of the devil is right on.

Parshall's hypocrisy reminds me of the Kirk Cameron controversy earlier this year when he attacked gays, was criticized heavily for it, and then pleaded victimhood while hiding behind his so-called Christian beliefs.

And it made me realize a point which we hardly discuss.

To Parshall, Cameron, and other religious right talking heads and organizations, it's not enough for them to feel the negative way they do about the gay community. They seem to not only be angling to denigrate us unchallenged but also want their world view of homosexuality to be the prevalent view.

Think about it. Every time there is something which remotely puts the gay community in a positive light, these people and their groups trot out a stupid argument in which they push offensive phraseology like:

"Americans don't want the gay agenda rammed down their throat," or "parents don't want their children indoctrinated in the homosexual lifestyle."

The way they talk, the gay community sound like we are not Americans, we don't pay taxes, we aren't raising children, and we have no say whatsoever in the making of the laws which would govern our lives.

Let me put it as succinct as possible. People like Janet Parshall and organizations like the American Family Association want to control our lives. They want to put us in a box of sadness and self-hatred, where we settle for dangerous fumblings in public restrooms and parks for good relationships. Where we are content to grow old and alone because we feel that we are not worthy of creating families. Where we accept whatever so-called "tolerance" they give us because we feel that we don't deserve dignity.

Sorry guys, but I feel safe in speaking for the vast, vast majority of the gay community when I say get over  yourselves.

You see, many of us have had that taste of sweet champagne which comes with the revelation  that we are worthy of equality. And when you taste that champagne of equality, you don't go back to the bitter, lukewarm water of low self-esteem and self-denial.

You don't settle for a place in the corner when you have just discovered that you are part owner of the castle.

So my advice to the Janet Parshalls of the worlds, the Peter Spriggs, the American Family Associations is simple:

Give it up. Turn it loose. Because sooner or later, equality will be ours, regardless of you.

Hat tip to Goodasyou.org

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'Catholic Bishops, Bill Graham group in trouble for role in 2012 election' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Billy Graham Group, Catholic Bishops Come Under Scrutiny For Blurring Election Lines - No offense to anyone of any faith, but I have SERIOUS problems with people in church leadership roles telling people that they are going to hell if hey don't vote a certain way.  

Failed SNL Comedienne Victoria Jackson Continues Being Not Racist Or Crazy At All - I would say that Victoria Jackson has lost her mind but you have to have a mind to lose it. 

 Push Expands for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage - Good. Don't waste this momentum.

Congrats to Kyrsten Sinema - Another victory. Congress has its first bisexual member!

 United Parcel Service to Boy Scouts of America – no funds for your anti-gay org - Sorry Boy Scouts, you want our tax dollars while you seek to harm our gay children. I don't feel sorry for you.

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NOM's attack on gay families subtle but dangerous

For an organization created to supposedly "defend marriage," the National Organization for Marriage seems to be going into hyper drive in an effort put the disappearing dust on same-sex families.
Check out three recent posts on its blog:

UK Survey Aims to Make Pre-School Classes "Gay Friendly"

French Primary School Kids to Get Lessons in Gay Parenting

Ontario Judge: Parents Have No Right to Know What Gay Activist Taught Their Children

The claims made by these headlines and the articles they are talking about are highly specious, coming from what appears to religious right sources. For example, take the one about UK survey attempting to make pre-school classes "gay friendly." NOM links the story from The UK Christian Institute and it is as follows:

Parents in the East End of Glasgow were shocked to be asked about their sex lives, so that their pre-school children would get “gay-friendly” lessons. Mums and Dads were offered free theatre tickets in exchange for answering a survey about their sexual orientation. The study was carried out by a local arts group which is part-run by the city council. The aim of the Platform charity’s questionnaire, was to help “monitor the degree to which our programmes are gay-friendly”. 

Please note that the article claims that parents were being asked about their sex lives but in reality, they were asked about their sexual orientation. Two other publications verify that the question asked was merely about sexual orientation, not sexual activity. Unfortunately however, both publications also featured hysterical and inaccurate headlines about sexual activity.

What's happening here is subtle but nonetheless dangerous. NOM is conflating any questions designed to help same-sex families to that of scurrilous questions about sexual activity.

Granted, I can understand a tad the trepidation some may feel about being asked about their sexual orientation. But to automatically assume that these questions are a gateway to being asked about sexual activity is an extreme stretch.

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