Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colorado Catholic adoption agencies wants to discriminate against gay couples

Civil unions may just become a reality in Colorado. With that in mind, the Catholic Charities there are threatening to close its adoption services. The above news report tells the entire story and does an adequate job to give a fair view to both sides of the issue.

However, the report failed to mention that the Catholic Charities receives over $7 million in government grants (pg. 6).  While members of the Colorado Catholic Charities went on and on in the report about their faith, none of them addressed the money situation and the basic unfairness of accepting tax dollars while seeking to discriminate against the taxpayers who happen to be lgbt.


Anonymous said...

Their behavior is typical of the bigots of the catholic church. The corruption of that church and EVERY OTHER religious organization on earth is not a surprise to me.

Stephen said...

They'll voluntarily shut down and NOM and their fellow bigots will make them out to be victims and talk about how the homosexual lobby "forced" them out of business. Fortunately, the majority of Americans aren't buying their bull-hit.

Roadrash548 said...

Great! I Catholic Charities pull up stakes that would be just fine. There are secular adoption organizations that do an even better job are ready to move in and take up the slack. LGBT couples have proven to be the one of the most able, resource-rich and compassionate adoptive parent groups and often adopt children with special needs.
Of course the down side is the Church and its sycophants (are ya listening Bill Donahue?) will whine that they were forced, I say forced, to stop their adoption work because they couldn't have a right, a special right to discriminate against anyone or anthing that does not comport with their religious worldview. I say, let'em go.