Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Research Council wants YOU to pay for its anti-gay lies

I have just received an email from the Family Research Council announcing a new initiative (the Marriage Preservation Initiative) and its purpose is to raise over $200,000 to expand FRC's research, flood Capitol Hill with ads, and put a bunch of ads on the Internet and major newspapers.

Supposedly the purpose of these ads it to spell out a message of doom should the Supreme Court overturn Prop 8 and DOMA.

In its email, FRC gave an indication of the kinds of claims they will make.  Allow me to list the claims and refute them:

  • Will the federal government now tell pastors what they can and cannot preach from the pulpit so it conforms to approved government speech? Didn't FRC say the same thing about lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation, i.e. that the government will tell pastors what to preach. NO such thing took place after lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation was passed. 

  • Will pastors who preach against same-sex "marriage" and homosexual behavior be prosecuted for hate speech? On the risk of repeating myself, didn't FRC claim that lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation would lead to pastors being arrested in the pulpits for declaring homosexuality to be a sin? No such incident took place after lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation was passed. 
  • Will churches that refuse to host same-sex "weddings" lose their tax exemptions? No church will be forced to host same-sex weddings. Period.

And FRC lists other portents of doom. Allow me to correct those also:

  • The military will have to provide "married" housing to same-sex couples at taxpayer expense. Oh this is terrible because you know, gays and lesbians are exempt from paying taxes. That was sarcasm, folks. 

  •  Christian adoption agencies will be forced to place children with same-sex couples or close their doors. Sorry but this situation has less to do with marriage equality and a lot to do with Christian adoption agencies taking taxpayer money and feeling that they still have the right to discriminate. 

  •  Christian-owned companies and even para-church ministries will be coerced to extend married benefits to same-sex couples. What the heck are "para-church ministries? But more importantly, notice the semantics here.  "Christian-owned companies" doesn't necessarily mean churches, but restaurants, apartment complexes, and as we have seen, bakeries and flower shops owned by folks who call themselves Christians. If you allow secular businesses to discriminate based on their religious beliefs, you are unleashing a huge dragon who will probably end up biting FRC in the ass. 

  •  And children who won't affirm the legitimacy of the homosexual "lifestyle" choice will be forced to undergo psychological counseling. For the life of me, I don't know what the hell FRC is talking about here.

So basically, the Family Research Council wants your money to help it spread a bunch of lies about marriage equality and the lgbt community in general.


Erica Cook said...

what they are saying is FRC is afraid that once we have equal rights we'll be as bad to them as they are to us. Do I think they really believe all they are claiming? No. Do I think they are really scared we'll try to seek revenge on them? Yes. They can't imagine people acting in a way other than how they act so they put their intentions to hurt us onto us towards them. Look at their claims and what they do now, and you'll see what I mean

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just WISH the FRC would send that e-mail to me. I would LOVE to respond to them and tell them exactly what I think of all their Bullsh!t.

Patrick8200 said...

I responded to a bunch of lies and nonsense on their fb page. All that did was get me banned and all my proof they were lying erased.
From the stuff I was reading on their fb page over the weekend, you better believe they DO believe everything they're claiming. These people are so far over the edge with their religion that there is no reasoning with them. They will lie, manipulate and distort the bible and everything else to show how much evil every single member of the LGBT community exudes. I even had one freak go over my page, found a link I posted as a joke and then went back to their page and lost her mind, basically saying my entire fb page was all pornography and I was the anti-christ. Freaks.