Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jennifer Morse - bad for NOM, good for the lgbt community

Last night, the Illinois House committee advanced the marriage equality bill to the full House for a vote. This came after much testimony for and against the bill. One of the folks testifying was Jennifer Morse of NOM's Ruth Institute. From what I gleaned from twitter, her testimony was bizarre and she was cut off because she went over her time. But more than that, the idea that Morse would be chosen by NOM to testify isn't a good sign. She has a history of outrageous statements. I've covered several of them and thanks to Equality Matters, here are two more: She compared supporting marriage equality to Nazism:


And then comes this clip, which is not necessarily lgbt indigenous but does give an idea of how cold-hearted she is. In this clip, she is telling women facing unwanted pregnancies to "suck it up."


Jennifer Morse is a terrible person, but she is exactly the type of person the lgbt community needs to be on the forefront of the opposition. She makes our job easier.


dancandan said...

we all know that once the nazi argument or comparison is made, that they have run out of rational arguments. It is nothing more than a graphic display of blatant ignorance or misinformation in the hopes of provoking an emotional response. Unfortunately this only works on equally ignorant people. By the way...I don't know what the DC she refers to stands for but it isn't deutsche Kirke...that would be DK.

dancandan said...

by the way...Hitler considered himself a "true" Christian and yet he murdered more than 6 million people including thousands for the crime of loving someone of the same gender making her comparison more than a little obscene.