Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Morse - gays want to convert the workplace using 'their agenda'

Part of me adores Jennifer Morse of NOM's Ruth Institute. Whereas Maggie Gallagher tried to be slick regarding NOM's homophobia, Morse refuses to play such games. She has let her homophobic "freak flag" fly, so to speak, thereby exposing NOM's true angle. Case in point, why she feels lgbt-inclusive nondiscrimination laws are a bad idea:

MORSE: Once a person is in the workplace, then they use their position of authority to steer the whole organization towards the larger objectives of the gay lobby which is not limited to making their company and their employer as successful as possible in the marketplace. You know? They’ve got other objectives that they’re working towards and they’re using their positions of authority inside companies to do that. And I think that’s the pattern, and I think that’s, in a sense, the story, for people to see that. And of course for an employer to say “well, gosh, I don’t want you to work for me anymore because the objectives of the gay lobby are not my objectives and you’re taking up a lot of corporate time pressuring us internally to steer us towards the gay lobby, and that doesn’t really do anything for me, and so I want to fire you because of that or I don’t want to promote you because of that because I don’t think you’re really working hand in glove with the overall objectives of this company,” I think they’d have a hard time firing somebody on that basis because of the anti-discrimination law. Or certainly it would be tricky to fire somebody. So I think people need to kind of understand that there’s more at stake than anti-discrimination policy. That those kinds of statutes, those kinds of laws, that kind of case law and so on, it seems like it’s innocent enough, actually carries with it, in its wake, more than people may realize. [emphasis added]

Apparently, Morse has been watching too much Star Trek and thereby has the lgbt community mistaken for the Borg, a community of marauding aliens led by a hive mind.

Members of the lgbt community are not attempting to get nondiscrimination laws passed so that we can easily spread the supposed "gay agenda" in the workplace. It's so that we can work freely unencumbered by the possible ignorance of our fellow employees.


Chris Quinton said...

She also has absolutely no concept of how to create coherent sentences. *shrugs*

I've noticed that in a lot in similar rants and anti-gay comments elsewhere. Sort of speaks for itself, really.

Education encourages research, questioning the status quo, challenging unsubstantiated facts - or it should...

spookiewon said...

Resistance is futile.

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I have never been compared to Borg before. Being a Treker, the Borg is the universes second greatest enemy. (There is a species out there that can kill the Borg but I digress.)
We LGBT folks have been compared to the worst of humanity and now we are equal to the Borg in our need for equality.
At least she does put it out there with no excuses. I hope she keeps saying what ever is on her mind. It will look good in the history books.

JJ said...

Haha BJ, so true! Their poor grandkids, it'll be like so many people now who are completely mortified by their racist grandpa who calls the president the "n" word.

Okay, so serious question here. What is our "gay agenda?" All I'm aware of is our fight for equal rights, but the religious right keeps talking about this mysterious agenda, with the implication that it's more than just us wanting our rights. As a lesbian, I'm feeling a little left out, since no one in our community has informed me of our real agenda *pout*. Come on, someone must know what this mysterious agenda is! Can't you let me in on the secret? Lol ;-)