Monday, February 04, 2013

OMG! The religious right creates HORRENDOUS anti-gay Boy Scout video!

It's rare that I post more than three times a day, but this is one of the days in which I simply HAVE to make an exception to show you this monstrosity.

It is probably the worse anti-gay video of 2013, but not because it is offensive. It's because of how badly done it is.

Here are a couple of religious right characters talking about how wrong it would be for the Boy Scouts to do away with its "no gays allowed" policy. It simply boggles the mind how BAD this is.

From Janet Porter's attempt to hypnotize you with her eyes, to the awful muddled background voices, it's just terrible:

Editor's note - Someone please save this video because when the religious right sees how bad it is, they are going to either get rid of it or replace it. 

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.


Phenix said...

What a sad attempt at a supposedly informational video that says absolutely nothing at all. One would think that with all their money they could at least make an audible video, but I am pleased that they did not succeed in their efforts.

John Normile said...

I just wanted to be a boy scout.... obviously i was queer, and they tormented me... The so called "straight" guys were the ones who wanted to fuck around.

Jim Stone said...

I'm speechless!!! This is a perfect example of phony Christian hate. When you cannot use the truth to make your point you have to use lies.

Anonymous said...

There is a few (make that MANY) problems with this whole video. Pedophiles are not and NEVER were GAY. They are the your everyday person including the priest and those at church so really, this is almost like a story that they are using the gays to cover up what the christian's are doing wrong. This crap has got to stop. Gays were never the problem and were the ones being attacked and the actual criminals, including the ones who made this video are getting away with the crap.

Anonymous said...

Saved it for you, Alvin!

Anonymous said...

The video is not what motivateslow-information anti-gay Americans to pick up the phone and call the Boy Scouts to demand they retain their policy to ban gays,

It's fathers like me that don't want some queer trying to suck my sons dick while on a camping trip.

Gays should go back in the closet where they belong.

BlackTsunami said...

With all due respect, I feel sorry for your son having an ignorant man like yourself as his father. And I really feel sorry for him if he turns out to be gay.