Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There is nothing Christian about Rick Scarborough's hate

From Right Wing Watch:

Vision America's Rick Scarborough delivered a guest sermon at the Fairton Christian Center in New Jersey earlier this month where he declared that gays coming out of the closet was a sign that a nation has forgotten God.

But Scarborough quickly corrected himself and apologized for using the word "gay" when he really meant "sodomites" because using the word "gay" is "an abuse of the language." Scarborough went on the predict that, very soon, pedophiles will be referred to as "happy people" and they will have parades and be defended by legislators ... and those who don't think this can happen just need to remember that "twenty years ago, who called a sodomite 'gay'? We had laws in Texas 'til 2002 that we sent them to prison! That was based on the Bible, by the way"

I've got a Facebook friend who speaks in vicious tones about the Bible and Christianity in general. He at times drives me crazy. But when I listen to Scarborough, I can understand his anger.

If Rick Scarborough had said the same things about African-Americans or those of the Jewish faith that he just said about gays, there would be no question about his bigotry. Since when is using the Bible as a crutch an excuse for such abusive language? Bigotry is bigotry, no matter how you attempt to dress it up.

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Renee Rain said...

How utterly stupid this preacher is, as well as hateful. He says, soon pedos will be called, "Happy People" and be allowed to marry children freely. That will never happen because that is hurting the innocents who are not mature enough physically or emotionally to have such a relationship with an adult. Over 90% of people would always vote against that ever happening! The stark difference between pedos and gays is that gay love and sex is between two consenting adults! DUH! (My spiritual web site is: I will put up pro gay articles in the future!)