Thursday, February 21, 2013

'Tim Tebow cancels appearance at anti-gay, anti-Semitic church' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Tim Tebow Cancels Appearance At Anti-Gay Megachurch - Come on folks, give Mr. Tebow some "dap" for making the right decision. I can almost forgive him for beating my Steelers in the playoffs two years ago. 

Miss. Newspaper's Coverage of Lesbian Wedding Sparks Outrage and Owner's Kick-Ass Reply - And the reply should be remembered as legendary. 

 Yesterday's anti-gay rally in Illinois: Weak crowd lacking in diversity - You mean the anti-marriage equality crowd exaggerates the number of its supporters. Well knock me over with a Joan Crawford dvd.  

Rhode Island’s Board of Rabbis Endorses Marriage Equality Bill - I believe the word here is "BOOM!"  

Study: Gay Troops Denied Nearly 100 Benefits Because Of DOMA - THIS should NOT be happening.

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Anonymous said...

(On the Mississippi newspaper replay)

I like how Cegielski noted that The Laurel Leader-Call has had reported "stories about child molesters, murders and all kinds of vicious, barbaric acts of evil committed by heinous criminals on [the] front page", yet a report on a lesbian couple is damaging for the readers' children.
Something I think the (adult) homophobes don't really care about the children, it's just a whiny excuse to get what they want. Or perhaps when homophobes mean "children", they mean themselves, they certainly act immature enough at times.